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News & Articles

News & Articles

The Universal Law of Vibration and the Forces of Set

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 3:55 PM


"The Universal law of vibration states that all in the universe vibrates and it is this rate of vibration that makes the planes of existence —or of manifestation— distinguished from one another. Energy, such as heat and radiation, is expressed as a rate of vibration, or frequency and is expressed in cycles per second or Hertz. The spirit vibrations of the higher dimensions above the 3D are each one unique because of the vibrational range of each of them.

We can transmute our frequency to a higher frequency by abiding in higher and lofty thoughts and by working in service and expressing love to others. This will bring or draw to us people and entities of higher vibrations of spiritual Light. On the contrary, by harboring negative thoughts and feelings we not just attract same lower vibrations but we lower our vibratory rate.

Dark Forces are aware of this Principle and have enticed humanity into junk entertainment and superficial pop culture, mental apathy, pornography, drug and alcohol abuse and bad habits such as smoking, eating fast food and processed food loaded with chemicals, chemical medicine, controlled religion, material thinking and material ambition, etc., so that their vibratory level is kept low and they can easily be controlled. This is a weapon of manipulation and control, and is what is called “The Matrix"

~Luis Prada



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